The focus of ConvTek services is to: Convert the production version of VSE JCL streams, programs code, and…

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The conversion methodology used by ConvTek to migrate large Enterprise-wide VSE application portfolios to zOS is built upon…

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ConvTek uses proprietary mass conversion tools that run under z/OS to automate the: Application inventory: transfer and verification…

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Since 1989, ConvTek has completed over 75 VSE to MVS, OS/390 and z/OS migration projects, many of them…

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ConvTek has converted and migrated over 75 large Enterprise-wide VSE application portfolios to z/OS using the mass conversion (one-weekend switchover) approach since 1989. Those projects were in the U.S., Europe and Asia. About half of them were completed as a subcontractor to IBM, and the rest as a main contractor. With all projects, ConvTek provided the consultants, project manager, methodology, and tools.