Project Documentation

ConvTek delivers one copy of each of the following items to [IBM and] Customer:

  • Weekly Progress and Status Reports
  • Project Plan
  • Initial Switchover Plan
  • Project Orientation – Presentation Handouts
  • Application Inventory Validation Reports
  • z/OS Best Practices and Standards and Naming Convention recommendation
  • VSE Positioning Requirements
  • AMEND Requirements
  • Manual Conversion Requirements
  • Conversion Specifications

z/OS Production Material

ConvTek delivers one soft copy of the following z/OS production material to Customer:

  • z/OS version of programs, subprograms, and copybooks (1)
  • z/OS version of JCL job streams (2)
  • Non-database file migration procedures (i.e. VSE and z/OS jobs) matching the converted JCL (2)

(1) Both source and load modules

(2) Compliant with Customer z/OS standards and naming conventions